Atualização de Ark Perdido Adiciona Raides de Guardião Casuais, Presentes Gratuitos, Prevenção de Bot & Mais - 24 de março

A massive new update will hit Lost Ark on the 24th of March! The player base has just been treated to a pleasant surprise by the devs. An update that brings in a new raid promises to fix the economy, com bat bots, and finally start the PvP seasons.

It’s no secret that Lost Ark has had a tumultuous two weeks. The game has already been out for a while now, and the more players reached end-game, the more people realized the game is not where it was supposed to be.

Economic problems, matchmaking, PvP feeling meaningless plagued the game and played their part in the community outrage. However, the devs set out to fix the game and address all the issues the players complained about. They even announced a series of gifts for their players as a show of good faith.

Alongside the update, another event is running on the weekends! Here’s all you need to know about the Fever Time event.

Lost Ark Economy Fixes – Bot and Gold Seller Prevention

The latest weekly update, which will go live on March 24, promises to fix many issues. The primary fix that has players excited is bot prevention. The devs have decided to fight the bots and gold resellers tooth and nail, and it looks like they might have found a great solution.

To explain what has changed, players’ accounts will now have a “Trusted” or “Untrusted” status. First, players who have a Steam account in good standing and have met the purchase requirement needed to use Steam’s social systems will be considered as “Trusted.” Then, ” Untrusted ” players will have reduced access to some features. Nomeadamente:

  • Initiating player-to-player trades (requests can still be received)
  • Sending in-game gifts
  • Exchanging Royal Crystals for Gold
  • Sending in-game mail with attachments

This is a great fix that only impacts shady accounts. It remains to be seen how effective it is, but players are already reporting drops in prices for gold and materials up to half.

Are you looking to boost your economy? Rapport is an excellent, easy and consistent way to earn gold!

Additionally, you can start grinding your late-game currencies, like Amethyst Shards.

Casual Guardian Raids and PvP Seasons Start

The devs have decided to double down on fixing the economy by bringing a new casual guardian raid alongside the bot prevention fix with the Lost Ark March 24 update.

Players have long felt that raids are either really hard to complete or hard to get into due to the stiff item level requirement. The new casual guardian raid seems to be the first of multiple upcoming fixes.

The Casual Guardian raid event lasts for roughly a month, and the following raids can be challenged:

  • Helgaia
  • Frost Helgaia
  • Lumerus
  • Ur’Nil
  • Vertus
  • Chromanium
  • Nacrasena
  • Dark Legoros
  • Icy Legoros
  • Calventus
  • Levanos

The raid is more forgiving in difficulty and awards players 200 coins upon completion (300 coins on the weekend). These coins can be spent at the new particular vendor located near the entrance to the special event. He sells valuable items like tier 1,2 & 3 honing chests, books, and more.

If a challenge is what you’re looking for from a raid, try out the Alberhastic Guardian Raid because it’s one of the toughest in the entire game!

PvP Seasons Start Update – March 24

Alongside so much PvE content comes some PvP Updates as well. The long-awaited seasons are coming, and we have much more information this time. A season lasts for roughly six months, and the ranking is done on an MMR-based system.

The ranks are distributed as follows:

  • Grand Master: Top 30 players in the region
  • Master: Top 31 – 100 players in the region
  • Diamond: 2000+
  • Platinum: 1800 – 1999
  • Gold: 1600 – 1799
  • Silver: 1400 – 1599
  • Bronze: 1399 or below

Casual To Survival & Harvesting Rates | Ark Setting | Hindi | Ark Mobile

First, you earn and lose points based on the outcome of your match. Additionally, your performance matters because a grading system has been implemented to adjust your point gain or loss based on how well you played. And finally, your MMR is more impacted by the overall result of the game than the grade.

The exclusive rewards and skins are yet to be revealed, but honing materials have been announced as rewards you will be able to gain throughout the season. Like the casual raids, the PvP will also have a new unique shop located near the arena in each major city.

The Lost Ark march 24 Update is huge for PvP and we all know it will be the hot new thing for a while now. Because of the coins of courage and the exclusive items, everyone will want a piece!

If you want to be prepared when jumping into action, check out our latest Tier List for PvP In Lost Ark.

And finally, the best DPS class you can play in Lost Ark has been revealed!

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